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One ‪US‬ fighter jet pilot killed, another survives in two separate crashes on Thursday


According to a navy spokeswoman, a pilot from the navy’s Blue Angels squadron was killed in Tennessee on Thursday when his F/A-18 jet crashed in Smyrna, about 24 miles south-east of Nashville‬. The crash was being investigated.

Separately, US president Barack Obama‬ on Thursday met with a fighter pilot whose jet crashed after a flyover during the president’s visit to an air force academy for a graduation ceremony.

The air force said the pilot with the ‪‎Thunderbirds‬ squadron ejected and landed safely when the jet crashed in a field near Colorado‬.13343024_1174603932591422_3668418373984070950_n 13330932_1174603929258089_115617703779288250_n 13335981_1174603962591419_3223856161139409121_n


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