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10 Things You Must know about ‘Black November’ Nollywood actor Enyinna Nwigwe.

iP4pJm4X You may recognize Enyinna Nwigwe as Teddy from the 2006 TV series ‘Bachelors’.

The Nollywood actor and producer has starred in notable movies like ‘Games Men Play’, ‘Reloaded’, ‘Heaven’s Gate’, ‘Turning Point’, the much talked about ‘Black November’ and many more.

Here Are Some facts about the handsome and talented actor you may have been oblivious to.

Here we go;

  1. The ‘Black of November’ actor is a native of Ngor Okpala LGA in Imo State.

  2. He is the last of four children; 1 a boy, then two girls.

  3. He speaks better Igbo than English: “I probably speak better Igbo than I do English” he said.

  4. He works out a lot: “I’m a very physically active person. I play tennis. I run the stairs. I go to the Gym. It’s so bad that it is beginning to affect my knees and joints and I still go as hard”.

  5. He is a very playful person:“I play a lot. I’m very playful, but a lot of people think otherwise. People find me very serious, intense and snobbish. Little do they know until they come close”.

  6. His favorite color is Blue: “I like every shade of Blue”.

  7. He is a people person not a people pleaser:“I’m a people person not a people pleaser. I like people around me to be fine, and if I can’t help you, I walk away from the space so you don’t affect me”

  8. He had a near death experience last year (2014).

  9. He studied Economics in University of Calabar.

  10. Aside from acting, Enyinna is also an entrepreneur.

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