10 important things President Goodluck Jonathan said during AIT interview in Abuja


2181656_kak6_jpegf6a929899b1b13451774f56fcdf4352aNigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, on Thursday, March 5, 2015 appeared on the morning show, “Kaakaki” which is aired on Africa Independent Television (AIT).

During the interview, the President addressed a variety of national issues including the missing Chibok girls and the insecurity unleashed by Boko Haram.

Here are 10 important things he said during the interview:

  1. Till we start refining crude oil, we can’t get out of these issues (fuel scarcity).

  2. Reduction of fuel price is not politically motivated, people play politics with everything in Nigeria.

  3. We would privatize the refineries completely but it would be done in a way to ensure minimal effect on Nigerians. We would also encourage the private sector to build refineries too

  4. At the beginning, we did not really estimate the capacity of Boko Haram. But over the years they continued to build their capacity with links with other terrorist groups.kak4

  5. I believe we’ve gotten up to 65% of what is needed to prosecute this war

  6. The good thing is that they’ve not been killed. They (Chibok girls) are still alive because when terrorists kill they display.

  7. We can’t just move in with artilleries and clear the place. Because they (Boko Haram) may use them (Chibok girls) as shields so we are working with the global best practices.

  8. I’ve not discussed with anybody on earth or even in my dream whether Jega will stay or not.

  9. We spend almost close to $50b a year importing auto parts and vehicles. That’s why we’re encouraging made in Nigeria vehicles, which will create more jobs for Nigerians.

  10. PDP is still the dominant party, there’s no polling unit where you don’t have PDP members. PDP still has better chances of willing a national election. PDP still has an edge over every other party, I am not worried about the outcome.

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