Love-love-33308236-2560-160010 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT LOVE, How our Supreme Emotion Affects What We Feel, Think, Do & Become, “making eye contact is a key gateway for love.”

In this article, you’ll get to know some of the things you may not already know about this feeling called love.

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  1. It Can Be Hard to Talk about Love in Scientific Terms: The vision of love that emerges from the latest science requires a radical shift. Dr. Frederickson learned to ask people to leave love as they knew it to consider it from a different perspective: their body’s perspective. Love is not romance, sexual desire, or that special bond you feel with family or significant others. And perhaps most challenging of all, love is neither lasting nor unconditional. The radical shift we need to make is this: love, as your body experiences it, is a micro-moment of connection shared with another.

  2. Love Is Not Exclusive: We tend to think of love and loved ones at the same time, and perhaps as even the same thing. When you take these to be only your circle of family and friends, you inadvertently limit opportunities for health, growth and well-being. You can experience micro-moments of connection and positivity with anyone — whether with your soul mate or a stranger. You can love far more, and far more often, than you thought.

  3. Love Doesn’t Belong to One Person: We tend to think of emotions as private events, confined to one person’s mind and skin. Upgrading our view of love to Love 2.0 leaves that perspective behind. Evidence suggests that when you really “click” with someone else, a discernible yet momentary synchrony emerges between the two of you, as your gestures and biochemistries, even your respective neural firings, come to mirror one another in a pattern Dr. Frederickson calls “positivity resonance.” Love is “a biological wave of good feeling and mutual care that rolls through two or more brains and bodies at once.”

  4. Making Eye Contact Is a Key Gateway for Love: Your body has the built-in ability to “catch” the emotions of those around you, making your prospects for love — defined as micro-moments of positivity resonance — nearly limitless. As hopeful as this sounds — wouldn’t limitless love be great? — Dr. Frederickson also noted that people often short-circuit this natural ability by not making eye contact with the other person. Meeting eyes is a key gatekeeper to neural synchrony.


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