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10 Ways Nigerian Women Secretly Want Their Men To Be Romantic

The notion is the that Nigerian men are not romantic. This claim has been confirmed by many Nigerian women but all hope is not lost.

Find below several ways our beautiful women want men to be romantic:

1. Weekend Getaway

Relationships in Nigeria are very dry, same old routine, how about a weekend away to the outskirts of the country where it’s just you and her. Show her the real meaning of privacy.


2. Sending her gifts with meaning

Nigerian men actually think buying the latest hair, gadgets etc. for their other halves mean you love her, how about gifts that talk about love or gifts with deep meaning about what you feel for her, flowers, ice cream, cupcakes or gifts that will last like necklace, earrings etc.


3. Spending quality time together, not everyday sex

According to Nigerian men, relationships are all about “sexual intercourse”, how about cuddling, reading her favorite book, movies and many other things that will spice up your relationship.


4. Talking about quality time, teach her your hobbies

Do you like playing video games? do you like sports, how about explain how it works to her and do it together. You are only strengthening your relationship.


5. Cook for her

In Nigeria, women are treated like slaves, they cook, clean and do all the house chores, how about you cook for her, surprise her and do the house chores or cook your favorite delicacy for her, even if it’s indomie, it will mean the world to her.

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