14 people dead From Strange Ailment That Broke Out In Irele Local Government Area of Ondo State, South west Nigeria.


Breaking-News-1A strange ailment has broken out and killed about 14 people in Irele Local Government Area of Ondo State, south west Nigeria. The state Commissioner for Health, Dr Dayo Adeyanju, said the disease, discovered on Wednesday, is strange and its symptoms include headache and loss of sight. 

This Disease is worse than Ebola, Residents of Irele township in Ondo state have been hit by this deadly diseases. According to reports, the victims wake up loosing their sight, with a terrible headache and die within a few hours. At least 15 people who contracted the disease are feared dead. Ondo state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju, said the disease was discovered yesterday but didn’t say how the victims contracted the disease or how it can be passed on to others. Hopefully, the Minister of Health will tell us what’s happening. Two more people just died in Ode-Irele in Ondo state as the deadly disease spreads throughout the town. So far, 27 persons have died in 3 days. Symptoms reported include blindness leading to death within hours.Meanwhile, FluTrackers has a thread on the outbreak, and the informed speculation there suspects a single exposure to a harmful substance like methanol.

The Ondo State Government is working hard to control a strange disease which suddenly broke out in the Ode-Irele community of Ondo state, leading to the death of no fewer than 28 people in the past three days.  Residents say the disease broke out three days ago and spread rapidly around the community, killing its victim within 24 hours. The cause of the disease remained unknown. Experts say preliminary reports from victims revealed neurologic clinical symptoms: blindness, and loss of consciousness. Ebola Alert, an evidence-driven group of volunteer professionals who helped with the Ebola Virus Disease interventions in the country, said 28 people have died from the disease.sick-people_2jpgHe informed that local and international health institutions are already carrying out investigations on the causes and treatment of the ailment. Dr. Adeyanju also allayed the fears of the residents of the area and the state, stating that the situation is under control.6a00d83451bd6d69e201b7c77ab2da970b-800wi

The photo above illustrates the story but has no credit or caption—so it may be a photo of a genuine case, or just an unrelated scare shot. But the State Health Commissioner, Dayo Adeyanju, put the number of dead victims at 14. Mr. Adeyanju, while briefing newsmen in Akure, said preliminary investigations showed that the disease is not Ebola “as it does not manifest any of its symptoms, but it attacks the central nervous system of the victims”. He said the state government, after getting information on the disease, immediately deployed officials who took samples from victims which was sent to Lagos for laboratory analysis to help understand the nature of the disease. Mr. Adeyanju, who warned against spreading false information on social media, said the government is on top of the situation, and advised people in the council area to report any strange illness to the nearest health facility. He assured that the government is also doing its best to contain the disease from further spreading out of the town while those infected were being quarantined at the General Hospital, Irele, with other patients moved out of the facility.


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