14 Signs To Know Your Girlfriend Isn’t Right For You To Marry


2-husband-wife-couple-fighting-lgn-94082503Before you see a doctor it could be time to self-diagnose a toxic friendship. Here are tips to help you uncover Signs To Know Your Girlfriend Isn’t Right For You

1. You’re Dimming Your Light: She says she’s happy for you, but you can tell she’s not. So instead of shouting your good news, you play it off as no big deal so she won’t get upset. Instead of putting up with rain on your parade, it might be time to shine in a sky with less cloud.

2. You’re bottling It up: You would open up, but she’s got a track record of spilling the beans, betraying your trust and throwing you under the bus. Keeping it in isn’t healthy. It might be time to find a friend you can share with without fear.

3. You’re Shutting Up: You’ve logged hundreds of hours listening to her guy gripes. But when it’s your turn to gripe, suddenly she’s got a call on the other line. If you’ve got 99 problems but can’t talk through one, it could be time to find a better listener before your load gets to be too much.husband-wife-comic

4. You feel alone: Because she never takes your side. Your supervisor is being difficult again but all she can see is her side of the argument. Chances are she can’t see your side because she’s not on it.

5. You’re flat broke: You can’t remember the last time she remembered her wallet or could make rent. Now you’re struggling and she’s still got her hand out. Better set some boundaries or you’ll both be in the poor house.

6. You spend energy being suspicious: There’s just something about the way she laughs at his jokes. And it wouldn’t be the first house she’s wrecked. If you think she’s capable of something as shady as pushing up on your man it might be time to let her go.

7. Your lie detector is in overdrive: Every time her mouth is open now that you think about it. Pathological liars can’t be trusted. It’s only a matter of time before her untruths hurt you.

8. Your last nerve is wearing out: Life is long and sometimes people grow apart. If the relationship no longer works, sometimes it’s better to let go before things get to bad to repair.

9. You feel sometimed: When you’re the only one there, you have her full attention. But when she has a man, new friend or fresh co-worker, you’re on the back burner. You deserve a friend all the time: not just when it’s convenient.

10. You suddenly feel substandard: She corrects your grammar, your choice in clothes and even the men you date. If she thinks she’s so much better than you maybe you should set her free to find someone that’s ‘more on her level’ whatever that means.


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