15 Most Important Questions Nigerians Want President Goodluck Jonathan To Answer During Presidential Media Chat Tonite.


    See 15 questions the Nigerian President must answer during the Presidential media chat which would commence at 7pm today and they have urged the journalists who would interview him to ask these questions;

    1. Kidnapped GGSS female students: a) How much time the government needs to ascertain the number and identity of girls kidnapped; b) (More important) When would the girls be freed?

    2. Is it true that the government is negotiating with the kidnappers to free the girls? If yes, then would you consider paying ransom for their release?

    3. Would you say the emergency rule in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States has been effective?

    4. Do you plan to extend the state of emergency in the North-East?

    5. Do you have remorse for dancing at a political rally in Kano barely 24 hours after Abuja bomb blast?

    6. What would be your next steps in fighting insecurity in Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa, and other North-Central states? SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>

    7. What are the steps being made to stop kidnapping for ransom in the South-South including in your home state of Bayelsa?

    8. Abuja hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF) for Africa event on May 7-9, 2014, with schools and offices shut. Was it really necessary, and by the way, how much would Nigeria pay for hosting the forum?

    9. Nigeria became Africa’s economy #1. Why is it difficult to translate the ‘economic successes’ to job creation?

    10. Do you, as president, have evidence that 1.6 million jobs were created by your administration during 2013 only, and when would it be revealed to public?

    11. What’s your impression of the performance by the Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke?

    12. At what point did you, as president, get involved in the OPL 245 sale to Shell and AGIP, and when will you implement the House resolutions?

    13. Distribution of ecological funds: Why N34billion should be shared to only states whose governors are either in the PDP or loyal to you like Ondo and Anambra. What about the 16 APC-controlled states?

    14. On the National Conference: a) will it be extended or not? b) should Nigerians really expect any tangible result from it?; c) what’s your opinion about boycotting of this event by the APC and the NBA?

    15. What are you doing to find $20billion missing oil money? Lamido Sanusi was suspended almost three months ago, but what next?

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