Hotshotsbbafirstthree15 NOMINATION REASONS YOU WOULDN’T EXPECT IN BIG BROTHER HOTSHOTSThe real game is on and what proves it are the reasons people give while nominating their colleagues  for possible eviction. Soon after the first eviction show yesterday, each remaining housemate was called to the diary room to make their two nominations. All housemates had to include valid and sufficient reasons for their nominations. Biggie’s rule was simple: If a housemate refuses to nominate, they themselves will automatically be put up for eviction. So it goes without saying that all housemates managed to come forth with nominations and these are some funny and strange reasons that Biggie counted valid and sufficient.Nervous

#1. Running away or disappearing while it’s time to wash dishes…


hehehe, Permithias, why would you do that? Now see, You got yourself nominated by Sipe as she can’t do the work for you.

#2. Making the team lose a task! Why would anyone put themselves in positions they can’t handle? I mean, why would  you take on responsibility you won’t fulfill? This had JJ nominated because he was the leader of the A team that lost the extravaganza and everyone is blaming him.

#3. Admiring someone and having positive jealous over them.… This got JJ nominated by Tayo as  he keeps on admiring the Nigerian’s hair and all the time be like…..” I wish I were or can you!!”

#4. Being a coward! Now I will ask Permithias,” Why would you fear to shine with your talent?..It makes you a coward”… This  had you nominated by Tayo.

#5. Having  the “I” character! Now I still wonder why JJ kept on saying “I want to do this, I want to direct, I can write the script… I, I , I  and I….”…This had him put on the block by Arthur.

#6. Being the only girl smoking in the house!  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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