20 Things Women Should Never Do



Do you agree?

  • 1. Do not shave off your eyebrows only to redraw them with a pencil… it makes no sense
  • 2.  Do not put on too much make up, you end up looking like you came out of the make-up factory.
  • 3. Do not wear a vest or sleeveless top without shaving your armpits or without a bra underneath
  • 4. Do not leave chipped nail polish to wear off on its own, there’s a reason why they sell nail polish remover.
  • 5. If you can’t afford good quality weaves, don’t bother.
  • 6. Do not do artificial nails that makes you look like a drag queen, simple is always sexy.
  • 7. See-through leggings or a top used as a dress when you are out in public is a hell-to-the-no!
  • 8. Never do things for a man with a hope of getting something in return, expectations are dangerous. Do it because you simply want to
  • 9. Never contradict what your man says – in public.
  • 10. Never stalk the man that left you for the other woman
  • 11. Do not share your best friend’s personal life with every Tom, Dick and Harry.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2
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