2015 Ford Mustang Revealed : Car Mag Spills The Beans On What’s Likely The Next Pony.


2015_ford_mustang_1383254471_600x2752015 Ford Mustang Revealed : Car Mag Spills The Beans On What’s Likely The Next Pony. Rumor has it that Ford will bridge the gap between the Los Angeles and Detroit Auto Shows with a reveal in New York City. The move would be a nod to the unveiling of the original 1964 1/2 Mustang, since this car marks the 50th anniversary of the model. That was Ford’s design studio 50 years ago. Ford may be mum on details, but car enthusiast magazine Car and Driver has published a whole punch of potential info about the next pony car.We won’t know how accurate C/D is until the cover comes off, but the magazine’s reporting seems to be fairly exhaustive, and much of it jives with other reports we’ve seen.First off, the Mustang will mostly shed its retro duds, although not totally. Its headlights will be more in line with the Ford family look, but the grille will be more “Mustang” than “Ford.” The car will shrink in size slightly, according to our friends in Ann Arbor, and we expect the rear quarter windows will be gone, replaced by side windows that don’t have a wide B-pillar in between. There will also be large vents on the front of the hood.Powertrains are expected to carry over initially, with the 3.7-liter V-6 and 5.0-liter V-8 gaining no power (but losing none, either) at first. That will change eventually though. The V-6 might not change much in the first model year or two, but the boys and girls over at C/D are quoting 500 horsepower from the V-8. That’s 80 more than the current 420 in GT models, making for one bad-ass horse. Further down the line, a higher-power EcoBoost V-6 could replace the current base engine, and it’s all but certain that a 2.3-liter four-cylinder that makes a hair over 300 horsepower will slot between the base V-6 and the GT’s V-8, both as an homage to the SVO of the ’80s and an answer to tough European fuel-economy standards — Ford is planning on making the Mustang suitable for sale in overseas markets. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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