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This 2016 WAEC Score Sheet is Gold: “Joy Isi Bewaji” Shares Her View

13681009_10209399165991471_5126391993429559651_nJoy Isi Bewaji  Shares Her View, She writes: I know this is wrong. To “snatch” a young lady’s report sheet on social media and run my rebellion over it…

But I want to do this.

This score sheet is gold.

If you are a mother, uncle, teacher, neighbour, pastor, father, cousin to this one…

Do not badger her with the need to get married.

Go and find someone with C5 in biology to harass.

Leave this one alone.

That’s A1 in Physics.

She can become a physicist… like Albert Einstein.

She can become a geophysicist, a metallurgist, research scientist, meteorologist, nuclear engineer or systems developer.

She can work in aerospace and defence, education, energy, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, science and technology.

Marriage doesn’t stop her from excelling in these areas, yes…

But marriage sucks time…children require 100% attention, multitasking with domestic needs and pee on sliding doors can wear you out.

Let mere mortals worry about that.

Let this one be different. She doesn’t have to live like everybody else.

Tell her so.

Unless she truly desires to be like the rest of the world… then it’s her decision.

Still very proud of this achievement. Whoever she is.

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