It not only helps to understand your spouse better, it also gives you a clearer picture of the kind of marriage/family you are going to raise. Candidly, it is almost impossible to ask all, pick the important ones and make sure your partner in a good mood before throwing the questions in. Most relationships/marriages pack up quickly and easily because partners are always busy (head-over-heels in love) to ask pertinent questions before plunging in. The importance of heart-heart conversation can never be over-emphasized. Communication or lack of it makes or mar relationships, never keep your lips sealed at any confusing issue/matter, ask your partner to throw more light in whatever seems dark. 


(1). What are the qualities you desire in a mate? 

(2). What was your last relationship like? How long ago was it? 

(3). What are your short term and long term goals? 

(4). What does financial stability mean to you? 

(5). What is your relationship like with your parents? 

(6). How often do you go to church, pray, read your Bible? 

(7). What gives you joy in life? 

(8). Do you have a criminal history or record? 

(9) How many sexual partners have you had? 

(10)Do you have any life-threatening or incurable diseases? 

(11) How can I pray for you? 

(12) Am I meeting your expectations? 

(13) What hobbies do you wish we could do together? 

(14) What’s your definition of a good marriage? 

(15) Do you feel loved when we’re together? 

(16) What is your favourite thing about yourself? 

(17) How many sexual partners have you had? 

(18) What do you do when you get angry? 

(19) What is your biggest goal for this year? 

(20) How can I help you achieve this? 

(21) What do you need my help with? 

(22) What is one thing you’d like to do before we have kids? 

(23) Am I doing anything that is driving you crazy? 

(24) What’s the one thing you don’t like about yourself? 

(25) What desires do you have that we haven’t discussed?

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