31-year-old Single Mother Caught by NDLEA Smuggling Drugs Concealed in Her Private Part


Untitled31-year-old single mother as she was apprehended by the NDLEA for concealing 430 grams of heroin in her private part in a bid to evade arrest. The lady said she went into drug trafficking because she needed money to pay her bills. According to the suspect, “I am a single mother and I need money to take care of myself and my child and I used to sell clothes but the profit is inadequate to sustain my family. I would have earned half a million naira to pay for my rent and my child’s school fees if I had succeeded in bringing the drug.

“They paid for my return ticket and hotel accommodation. While in my hotel room, a Pakistani woman came to give me the drug. “She also instructed me to conceal it in my private part to avoid arrest.
Unfortunately, NDLEA officers detected it,” she lamented.



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