49 Reasons Why We Are Never Going To Break Up Our Relationship Anymore


relationship-breakup49 Reasons Why We Are Never Going To Break Up Our Relationship Anymore, Breaking up is difficult — and not really ever breaking up is f*cking us up. Think about your last relationship. Maybe it was just a hookup or maybe it was something a little more serious. Think about how that “relationship” transpired, progressed and ended. Think about if that relationship was ever really a relationship. Becauseis a relationship even real if no one says goodbye? Did the relationship ever begin if it never really ended?

There’s no denying that we live in the age of the unformed relationship. There’s no denying that we’re dating in a shallow, text-based world. There’s no denying that our relationships aren’t relationships at all.

We’re dating over platforms before meeting in person and connecting over messaging machines rather than face to face. We’re entering half-assed relationships and ending them with even less attention. Most of our relationships are over before we can say we know what that person looked like.

We’re just not responding, not answering and not giving a f*ck. We’re throwing our hearts at the first person who direct messages us then taking them back at the first sign of something better.

The problem with today’s dating culture is that there isn’t one. There’s a hook-up culture, and within that hook-up culture, there’s shallow, biased and surface feelings that we’re trying to use to get away from the real ones.

We’re guarding ourselves so that we never really have to face that inevitable heartbreak that almost always comes with every relationship. We’re refusing to enter real relationships, and we’re also refusing to officially end any of them. SEE REASONS ON PAGE 2

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