5 ways to find relaxation on a weekend


image5 ways to find relaxation on a weekend

Hey, it’s finally Friday afternoon – time to head home and start to relax.
But it’s not that easy, isn’t it?
Many of us can’t wait for the weekend and when it’s finally there we have too high expectations. Sometimes we even would need a weekend after the weekend.
Are you really relaxed after the weekend or are you like me and need to implement some easy rules to get the best out of it?

Tip 1 – get rid of things that cause stress
There are many things we do and have to do which stress us and avoid being relaxed. Try to find other times for these so that you really have a free weekend.

Just a few examples:

Cleaning – if it’s the house, the car or filling the washing machine, many think the only time to get rid of the left-overs from the past week is the weekend. Are you aware that you are starting into the weekend with a certain level of stress if this is your plan?
I’d rather do some cleaning throughout the week or even on Friday afternoon than spoiling the weekend.
Groceries – filling up the fridge for the weekend can be done on Thursdays or Fridays as well and it will save stress as well. Supermarkets on Saturdays are my personal nightmare as it seems everyone is running there. If you need some fresh vegetables or fruits then why not walking around a farmers market on Saturday and stock up? It’s more relaxed and you have an extra dose of fresh air.

Sports – because during the week you don’t have the time you start to be as sporty as possible on the weekend.
This is nonsense – you’ll probably end up with sore muscles and completely exhausted.
Sports is a wonderful way to relax but only if you do it regularly and in healthy doses. Instead of spending the whole weekend running and cycling and swimming or doing whatever sports you like it’s better to plan it within your weeks.
I don’t have time during the week is not true and no excuse. I’m sure everyone is able to find half an hour per day to do some sports. Nobody forces you into a sports club where you have to drive to or something similar. You don’t even have to attend classes ast certain times to move your body. There are many possibilities without putting stress into it.
I’m doing Yoga for instance – all I need is my mat and 15-30 minutes. I do it whenever I find the time, mostly after I stop working but there are also times when I am lazy and just practice for 10 minutes before I sleep. It’s a daily routine now and as soon as your sports becomes a routine you will ask yourself why you haven’t started it years ago.
Drive with the bicycle to the office, always take the stairs instead of the elevator, instead of a lazy Sunday walk in the park why not skate around it – you see, we have more than one easy possibility to be sporty.
You can do all of it during the weekend as well but don’t forget to pamper yourself, give yourself luxury time and choose what you want to do dependent on how you feel. You want to stay in bed a whole day? Then do it! It’s your time.

Stay awake – until it’s almost morning.
Don’t change your sleeping behavior into an extreme as it will hunt you. You will have a problem to get out of your bed on monday morning and feel as if you have a hangover.
Your body can’t adapt quickly to a changed sleep cycle and won’t understand why it hast o be active deep in the night and sleep throughout the day. In long-term you won’t do something good for yourself if you spend the nights of the weekend outside of your sleeping room. For sure there are exceptions but don’t over-do it. You want to be relaxed, won’t you?  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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