7 Reasons Why President Jonathan Must Not Be Re-Elected In 2015


goodluck-jonathan11111President Goodluck Jonathan was voted into office through a popular mandate in 2011 that heralded the death of erstwhile President, Umaru Yar’ Adua. But after close to five years in Aso Rock, conducts and actions of the President leave much to be desired. The Goodluck Jonathan’s regime has disappointed the Nigeria populace to say the least, hence he should not return come 2015. The reasons are as follows:


It is generally agreed that the scourge called corruption is the biggest bane militating against the growth and development of the country, consequently one expect a well meaning President to tackle the menace of corruption headlong. But in the last 5years, the Jonathan Administration has massaged and breastfed corruption to high heavens. Is it the several missing funds, the massive sharing that reign supreme in the NNPC, the delay in getting rid of the erstwhile minister of Aviation, Stella Odua and the litany of Pension Scams pervading the polity. Are we forgetting something? Didn’t Jonathan campaign for corrupt element like Ayo Fayose? Of course we can’t forget the withdrawal of Abacha’s case even against the Supreme Court’s ruling, the president went further to lay credence to these assertions when he said stealing was not corruption.

Many were of the opinion that if the Jonathan Administration could tackle the Power situation of Nigerians, then he would be celebrated. But that has not been the case. With billions of naira spent on the Power sector and the subsequent unbundling of the PHCN, Nigerians are still in darkness. What is it with the Power sector that we just can’t solve once and for all? President Jonathan promised stable power in December in 2013, later June 2014 and now we are in July. Do you have electricity in your domain? How long are we going to listen to unfulfilled promises? SEE MORE ON PAGE2
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