7 Reasons You Need To Pack Up And Travel Abroad While You Still Can


Over the summer I traveled around Europe immediately after graduating from UCLA. I was in England, France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Greece, where I experienced new cultures, food, and men! OMG, the men were amazing… and so were the women!

Below are seven reasons why I would strongly recommend you throw a bunch of clothes in a bag and hop on a plane for a foreign adventure – in other words, take a trip where you get to do what you want, when you want, how you want, and for any reason you want. When you travel abroad, you gain a certain kind of wisdom you’ll only find by leaving town, and you’ll return with a newfound sexiness and a hot new beard. So, I think you should travel abroad, so you can…

1. Reclaim your independence and sense of self that may have been robbed from you by your ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend, “prestigious” university, or parents. However, if you have kids, wait until they move out. Assuming you’re not traveling with a bunch of other people dictating your every move, you’ll find an amazing sense of freedom.

2. Lie about your job. When you’re constantly meeting new people, you have an amazing opportunity to continually reinvent yourself! Pick out random identities you want to try on for the day…. Not saying I do this all the time, but some days it’s fun to be Rachel the dolphin trainer.


3. Have sex somewhere you haven’t before with someone you may never see again. Have a quickie on the beach, in a cave, or in a hostel. Unless you’re a true bro and do that on the regs at home!

4. Read books and reflect on what YOU want in life and not what other people expect of you… Who am I kidding? No one reads books abroad. Just clear up that fucked up mind of yours, redirect your thoughts, and make some awesome life goals you can pursue when you return home. 🙂

5. Reaffirm you can navigate around the planet and be fine without anyone else’s help. It’s liberating! The journey also gives you a confidence booster and newfound pride.


6. Jump on the back of random Vespas… Or, grab hotties and put them on a manly ATV and ride obnoxiously around the islands like a champ. This is your time to stop over analyzing every thing you do and allow a bit of spontaneity into your life.

7. Lastly, create memories and photos that are unforgettable. Discover you have a family and friends who miss you dearly. Gain a better idea of your future, and my favorite, acquire a realization that life isn’t that serious.

Activate that wanderlust inside you

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