1. Look above the lens of the camera

Look above the lens of the camera


I learnt this trick from a professional photographer several years ago. She told me to look slightly above the lens of the camera instead of straight into the camera. This gave the appearance that I was looking into the camera more than if I actually did. I usually use this trick when having photographs taken professionally. If you are getting your photo taken from below be careful with a possible double chin. To help the situation, move your face a little bit forward and stretch your head up! It sounds weird, I know, but you will see that it’s very effective.

I would also recommend you to look straight at the photographer, especially if your boyfriend or best friend does the job. It will impart unfeigned warmness and tenderness to your eyes. There is also another variant of this trick. Pretend that you are peering into a distant spot! Imagine that you are waiting for someone to come or that you are deep in thoughts. This way, you can gain rather stately appearance. So, if you want to keep your eyes open and bright, look slightly above the camera lens. This is one of the easiest ways to look great in any photo. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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