8 Eight Reasons Beyonce And Jay-Z Might Separate Soon?

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Page Six again reports that love and marriage of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are doomed, and it claims that their affair was never really an option of real romance, but only a business deal. The story was told by some mysterious “source” who will definitely receive some bad karma for ruining our belief in love. He opened out 8 new facts about the couple which can prove they are really breaking up:

1. Jay Z surely fell in love with Beyonce when they met each other, but even then he realized what a powerful couple they would make in show business. Well, it was visible for anyone, wasn’t it?

2. Beyonce’s uncle Larry Beyince (what a funny name he has!) told in an interview for Celebuzz that she didn’t really like Jay. Later she managed to develop romantic feelings in herself… according to “source” – just for making business as well.

3. They are both egoistic and unable to help young promising artists become famous. They will not teach newcomers “how to fish in deep waters of musical business”, they will perhaps just give a fish once or twice. But they are the only predators in this ocean.

Will Beyonce And Jay-Z Separate Soon-44. Beyonce made friends only with Kelly Rowland and Solange, no one else in the industry. She doesn’t let anyone to get close to her.

5. Beyonce and Jay-Z change their phone numbers every two weeks. That’s why no fan is able to reach them for any occasion. And surely they treat us as peasants, didn’t you know?
6. They didn’t attend the wedding of Kim and Kanye because they see Kimye as a slum couple. Beyonce is disgusted with Kim’s wish to climb her socially, and Jay-Z said that Kanye made a professional mistake by marrying the Kardashian girl.


7. The renowned elevator fight was caused by Rihanna, as the source witnessed.  But other informers told that the reason was Jay’s interactions with Rachel Roy

8. Page Six journalists called some official representatives of the couple, but didn’t receive a callback. Could you tell why?

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