A new phase of internet radio broadcasting debuts: 234 Radio Debuts in Lagos

    A new phase of internet radio broadcasting debuts in Lagos, Nigeria as 234Radio debuts with the best of entertainment, transmitting from Nigeria, UK, Jamaica, USA and other parts of the world.
    234Radio redefines radio broadcasting with a mix of DJs touch to quality radio programming, bringing unparalleled entertainment to listeners on the go, without geographical barrier. 234Radio is the brainchild of DJ O’kay, a seasoned DJ with over a decade experience in radio programming.
    According to the founder, 234Radio gives the audience a radio experience of a life time. “Yours will be a story of complete relaxation and entertainment as you talk, walk, eat and sleep 234Radio’s uninterrupted live streaming anytime and anywhere,” says DJ O’kay. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

    With an alternative blend of Music, Blues, Classical Music, Country Music, Electronic Music, Hip Hop / Rap, Inspirational, Jazz, Afro Beats, Afro Pop, Reggae, R&B / Soul and many more, 234Radio is a one stop shop for music and entertainment.

    According to DJ O’kay, listeners can access the radio anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device by visiting www.234radio.com for entertainment without bounds.
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