Actress Bose Oladimeji: I don’t want to be loyal again


bose-oladimejiBose Oladimeji, a graduate of English Studies from Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State, is an actress and producer. The Oro, Kwara State-born lady whose latest flick Aye Mi (My life), is making waves speaks with TAYO GESINDE on her desire to transform the Nigerian society with her work, fashion preferences, among sundry issues. Excerpts:

Foray into acting

I love reading novels so it was quite natural for me to read English Studies at the University. From the time I was a small girl, my dream and aspiration was to teach moral values to people.  I thought that the only way I could do this was through acting. Moreover, I believed that movies should be used to expose and correct wrong doings in our communities. So, my films are meant to correct errors in the society because a lot of things need to be corrected. If you watched my movies; Oniduro and Adajo Aiye written by me, you will understand a lot about my vision. I joined the industry in 2009, through the trio of Bayo Tijani, Afeez Eniola and Muyiwa Ademola. I produced my first film around 2010.

Challenges faced


It wasn’t easy at all. The major challenge was finance, there was nobody to help one so, one has to do it all in terms of accommodation and feeding but with God on my side, I was able to overcome the challenges  and I’m grateful to God and my parents. There were times when one was invited to location but was not paid a dime. On the issue of sexual harassment, let’s leave that aside, one has to be mute about it. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

Movies done so far

I have featured in many movies like Bamitale by Afeez Eniola, Eyinju Eledumare by Bayo Tijani, Owe Akala by Esther Kalejaiye and so on. The most challenging role I ever played was in Adajo Aiye. It was quite challenging because I have never played a role like that before. I ventured into movie production so as to let people know that there is no role that I can’t play. Moreover, if you have your money, it is an avenue to showcase your talent. Above all, I appreciate producing a lot. I have been financing my movies myself. That does not mean that I was born with silver spoon but God’s favour has been overwhelming in my life.

First experience on set 

Honestly, I was amazed. I was very happy because it was something that I had been dreaming of for so long. I felt on top of the world.  My parents too felt great about it, even till today.

Growing up

In fact if I could turn back the time, I would love to be a small girl again and again. I was born in Kwara State and grew up there. I went to a girl’s school. I was taught to be truthful and loyal to people around me. We had one museum that we all used to go together every December. We would cook for people living around our vicinity to eat and even take away. In fact, I had a very interesting childhood. I also can’t forget the time we did Iyawo and Oko (husband and wife) play. I do listen to people anytime they brought issues to me and I can still see those habits in me till today.

Role models in the industry

Bimbo  Akintola and Mercy Johnson.

Coping with competition in the industry

I don’t see any competition because I always follow my heart and I do what pleases me. I don’t do eye service and I am not gullible. I do my own thing. So, the only thing I am interested in is how to improve myself and not how to compete with anyone else.

Philosophy of life

Learn and make mistake so as to become wiser. If you make mistakes, it shows your level of knowledge and if you correct yourself, you become wiser and a wise person is always a winner. SEE MORE ON PAGE2


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