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Actress Oghenekaro Lydia Itene – how this flame rose in Nollywood


Oghenekaro Lydia Itene figuratively shifted her make-up kit aside to create a new persona on screen a few years ago and the result is a new flame in Nigerian movie industry. Yinka Olatunbosun reports on an unusual encounter with this actress last week.

It was really a case of “mountain going to Mohatma” last Wednesday as this reporter received a call from Itene that she was coming to visit her. Of course, a journalist usually goes after personalities and not the other way round. To fully glean how that happened, a little flashback is necessary.

It was agreed that both of them would meet at LTV grounds at noon that day but when this reporter arrived at the venue, the actress couldn’t be reached. After several minutes of window-shopping at a popular mall in Ikeja just to kill time, Itene finally called but she was going to change the venue to somewhere else around Allen Avenue. With the lethargy of the traffic officials at Allen roundabout, the short drive became so prolonged that Itene was on the verge of leaving. Frustrated at the needless merry-go-round, especially with post-malaria recovery, this reporter returned home.

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