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    • Founded: June 2009
    • Industry: Advertising
    • Website:
    Ad Dynamo is a contextual advertising marketplace, connecting publishers directly with relevant advertisers.
    The business ran a ‘test market’ in South Africa for 1 year, which concluded with success in June 2010. Currently opening offices across Europe and within some emerging markets such as Nigeria, Ad Dynamo has distinguished itself as a differentiated entrant to the online advertising market.
    Powered by proprietary technology developed wholly by Ad Dynamo, the marketplace serves more than 30 million advertisements per day online. With its introduction of mobile advertising, the product offering completes a full service digital marketing solution.
    Certified by Microsoft in early 2010 to serve rich media, interactive Silverlight advertising on any Microsoft owned website, Ad Dynamo was the first to achieve this and demonstrated its abilities when serving more than 16 Million ads for EA Games in the UK in February 2010, with each ad being 600Mb in size.
    Ad Dynamo considers itself the only direct rival to Google AdSense in that its technology is fully automated, and contextual ads are served on web pages without dependence on manual categorization of content.

    Ad Dynamo offers 3 core products: online contextual advertising, mobile contextual advertising, and it’s premium display network, Ad Dynamo +.
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