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Algeria is building one of The world’s biggest Mosque worth 1.4 billion dollars


Djamaa El Djazair mosque will serve as a buffer against radical Islam and as President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s legacy

The place of worship worth 1.4 billion dollars is set to be completed by 2017 will hold the world’s tallest minaret towering 870ft into the sky. It will also have a koran school, a library, a museum and terraces with gardens dotted with trees.

Djamaa mosque faces the picturesque bay of Algiers; it can hold upto 120,000 people will be accessible by boat, tram or car.

“Some have accused us of building a temple for the extremists… On the contrary, it will be a heavy blow for the extremists. They are the ones hostile to this project,” said Ahmed Madani, an adviser to the Minister of Housing responsible for the construction to the AFP13119029_1048680231848182_3277171341323003299_n 13178048_1048680235181515_4825351414164048652_n 13173852_1048680265181512_7306133397733684996_n 13173792_1048680281848177_8217476650059232509_n

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