Alhaji Shehu Shagari Blasts Muhammdu Buhari In Letter


10991069_10152712535045678_1062414617191926268_nAlhaji Shehu Shagari Blasts Muhammdu Buhari In Letter says: My brother, you have contested the Presidential elections 3 times in this country and in all these times, you have never asked me or my people at Shagari village to support your bid. It is very obvious
why you can’t do that. You don’t have the courage after what you did to me.

You truncated democracy with a dastardly coup and took away power from me. You humiliated me and made me to suffer, and you took away my opportunity to RULE Nigeria. You said you do not want democracy in Nigeria. The same democracy you truncated, you are fighting hard to get with desperation and diabolical power.

You have entered into unholy alliance with some known elements of disunity in the south but let me warn you. You will suffer hard in the hands of Tinubu and his political merchants who will use and dump you as they did to Nuhu. In 2011, you cried publicly when you lost election, and you made provocative and inciting statements that plunged this country into untoward unrest.
You provoked our hot- blooded youths with war cries which erupted into post-election violence, that brought Boko Haram into existence, over 500 innocent Nigerians died instantly, most of them youth corpers deployed from one of the unifying agencies of this country.


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