PHOTOS: All Progressive Congress (APC) Settles For General Muhammadu Buhari, As Presidential Candidate In 2015 Election.


To match Interview NIGERIA-BUHARI/ All Progressive Congress (APC) may have decided to settle for former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, as its presidential candidate in next year’s election. Some of the notable leaders said they were of the opinion that a Buhari candidature would guarantee a lot of things, which include massive support from the Northwest and Northeast, because, according to them, most people in the North still see him as the messiah and would go out en masse to vote for him any day. They also said Buhari is perhaps the only person that has qualities that are antithetical to anyone the PDP would bring forth. This, according to them, would give the voters an alternative that would be favourable to the opposition party. It was also gathered that the leaders are mindful of the effects a rancorous primary would have on the party and are doing everything to avoid it.




One of the leaders from the Middle Belt even said that Buhari is not only one of the leaders in the country who is not corrupt and have lived above board, he is also a unifying figure within the party. The major headache of the party today, however, is how to conduct a credible and transparent primary in which Buhari will emerge the clear winner. Sources said the party leadership is being very conscious that Nigerians are watching its nomination process, as a litmus test of whether or not the party will respect its own constitution and shame it’s traducers, is committed to a credible and transparent nomination process.  SEE MORE PHOTOS ON PAGE 2

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