Alleged Witch Confesses In Ughelli, Delta State says: I Use Urine To Prepare Moi-Moi For My Customers


stewA middle-aged woman alleged to be a witch in Ughelli South local government area of Delta on Friday evening confessed to have been using her urine to mix the beans with which she prepared moi-moi which she sold to members of the public as well as fed family members with. According to Leadership ng, Reports said the woman, well-known in the community for her beauty and well-prepared meals especially her moi-moithat she sold to unsuspecting members of the public, allegedly confessed when she was almost lynched by angry mobs over allegation by a young man in the area that she planned to kill him with her witchcraft.

It was gathered that the young man was about taking his bath in the bathroom when a rat almost hit him on the leg. On seeing the rat, he picked a piece of wood and hill it, but instead of beating a retreat, the rat allegedly increased in size, eventually turning into a human being before disappearing, leaving two slippers behind.

The young man was said to have went to town with the tale, and on getting to the house of the alleged witch, popularly called MamaT, he was said to have seen the woman surrounded by a angry crowd who descended on her.


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