Alusa and Nhlanhla fans Complain About Their Untidied Hair


beardAlusa and Nhlanhla fans but I still have to raise complain about their untidied hair. This is not my and our first time to see Alusa. We all remember him last year in Biggie’s fake Emerald housemates and the guy looked cool with his clear head and neck! In a sweet language I would say he currently looks like the popular Rick Ross but have changed my mind…the new dude looks like the word Halloween itself!…Yep, and I’m wondering how he looks when it’s dark but whatever it is, it must be scary. The unfortunate part of the story is that he’s not alone in the Big Brother House, he has partner in appearance with whom I think he shares some common facial display settings. Hope you know who it is. Well, it’s none other than South Africa’s Nhlanhla. As I was reading through some comments on a certain article, I came across some which looked more less than a petition.”Biggie please tell Alusa and Nhlanhla to shave their beards, they look horrible,” the angry fans commented. I then came to realise that I am not alone, somewhere in Africa there might be other members of “Team No Alusa and Nhlanhla’s beard” . The latter’s would be ok for now but I am worried he might be inspired by Alusa’s horrible one as time goes on. So the earlier he shaves it off, the better. If there is anyone out there who would love to see Alusa and Nhlanhla shave, line up behind me and comment with the word “Shave”…

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