Photos: American President Barack Obama Launches Major Initiative To Empower Men Of Color



President Barack Obama unveiled on Monday his new volunteer program, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, aimed at helping young men of color to achieve lifelong success. The initiative’s launch was held at Lehman College campus in the Bronx, NY during a roundtable event covering race relations in the United States. The initiative, first created in 2014 following the murder of African American teen Trayvon Martin. The initiative has grown into a independent nonprofit organization which will remain in place long after President Obama leaves the White House in 2017. Commentators have said that this event is a glimpse into the kinds of activities President Obama will do when he retires from public office.11206032_10152761189462703_1597926302752546091_n 10983208_10152761189247703_2052244908953730574_n 15593_10152761189237703_1593561278234088971_n 10489892_10152761189242703_1491337722435692364_n 11205143_10152761189262703_4928534182752749287_n 11146556_10152761189442703_2591021910177351220_n 11193358_10152761189257703_2973298191722968286_n 11188493_10152761189502703_1857019180481117669_n 11203143_10152761189187703_2071783388750222694_nPROCEED TO SEE MORE ON PAGE 2 OR CLICK HERE

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