ANC National Spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, ANC Gauteng Deputy Chairperson, David Makhura addressed community members About Xenophobia In Alexandra Magistrate Court, South Africa


11128790_952826551418793_209488719777987085_nANC National Spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa and ANC Gauteng Deputy Chairperson, David Makhura addressed community members outside the Alexandra Magistrate Court earlier today. “We are here to say to this court that it must show no mercy to murderers. We are united against Xenophobic Attacks. We are united against crime” Zizi Kodwa

“In 2008, the Xenophobic attacks started in Alex. It was our people who stood up and said it can’t take place here. I appeal to you to say, ‘My brother is my brother. My sister is my sister’. I want you to say, ‘It must not happen in my street’. I invite you to a rally on Friday here in Alexandra. Emmanuel was killed here. When Mandela arrived in Johannesburg, he stayed here. We are coming to a rally on Friday against Xenophobia. Let the Stadium be full. If you are a criminal, you don’t belong in our community but in jail. We are in government now, we are working together with courts, police & prosecutors to ensure that these elements are taken out of society. Let’s lead this campaign against Xenophobia.‪#‎NoToXenophobia‬, NO! ‪#‎NoToCrime‬, NO!” David Makhura11146240_952825848085530_5055571849246424669_n 11169813_952826004752181_3373461269898870159_n

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