APC Warns New First Lady “Aisha Buhari” To Shun Billionaire Bola Shagaya



Bola Shagaya is in the spot light again. The billionaire business woman was trending on twitter last night after reports suggests that she’s planning to host a lavish dinner for the incoming First Lady, Aisha Buhari. Bola Shagaya is known to be friends with all government in power. She was close friends with Mrs Babangida, Mrs Abacha, Mrs Abubakar, late Mrs Stella Obasanjo, Mrs Jonathan and now Aisha Buhari. Bola is one of the richest women in Africa.

The Kwara born billionaire is among the few top wealthy Nigerians who owns private jets. She acquired the latest edition of a brand new Gulfstream G650 model jet reportedly worth N11.5 billion last year in commemoration of her 55th birthday on October 10, 2014.

It is arguably the fastest civilian jet in the world, has room for a basketball court, 8,000-statute-mile range and some of the most sophisticated avionics rivaling nearly anything in the sky. And it’s also perfect for doing business on a global scale. Gulfstream described the aircraft as ultra-high-speed, ultra-long-range business jet and the gold standard in business aviation.

The main price of the aircraft is $65 million but other charges could have raised it to $71 million, and according to US-based Forbes magazine, the Gulfstream G650 has an order book of 200 customers throughout the world.

See her private jet below:

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