Apple Aims Partnerships In Bid To Reinvent Tv


    Apple now have grand ideas on how to reinvent television, but for now, rather than attempting an end run around the industry’s incumbents, it continues to seek partnerships with them.The computing giant’s next foray into TV could come in partnership with Comcast, the largest television and broadband television in the United States, the two companies are holding talks that could result in Comcast delivering an Apple-branded TV service the same way it delivers Phone calls and cable video-on-demand. These are called Managed services,” and are set apart from the broadband connections that bring Netflix,YouTube and other websites to customers. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>The arrangement would allow Apple to be confident that its video offerings won’t sputter the way some other streams do. The two companies are not close to an agreement, Talks may be picking up where talks between Apple and another distributor, Time Warner Cable, left off in February. The companies were known to be in extensive talks about a partnership of some kind, possibly involving a cable TV app for the Apple TV box.

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