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Its awkward for a leader to say no ‪#‎ForexForEducation‬ for our kids schooling abroad: Ben Murray-Bruce

1430640945990 Its awkward for a leader to say no ‪#‎ForexForEducation‬ for our kids schooling abroad when his own kids school abroad!

Mr. President, these are people who voted for you. You ought to be more sensitive about their need for #ForexForEducation.

This year all tiers of govt, including the Presidency, will spend billions importing cars. If we can afford that, cant we afford #ForexForEducation

What do we expect parents whose kids have spent 2 years in schools abroad. Should their kids drop out after going so far? #ForexForEducation

Its not a matter of “those who can afford it”. The parents aren’t saying they cant afford it. They’re saying they cant get #ForexForEducation.

I am an advocate for ‪#‎BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira‬ but I accept that there are some courses that we dont offer #ForexForEducation

If we can provide foreign exchange to those going on pilgrimage, surely we can provide #ForexForEducation. Education is a priority!

These policies will have the opposite effect of what you intend. Nigerians will take their funds to neighboring nations #ForexForEducation

We as elected representatives of the people must be sensitive to their needs and reflect this sensitivity in policies #ForexForEducation

My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!

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