Babcock Students To Undergo Virginity Test


Babcock University announced to Carry out Drug Test on all her Male Students while Resuming for the Second Semester this Week Here. Babcock University Management has agreed to the petition signed by the School Board to conduct drug & virginity test on all Female students when they resume the second semester of 2012/13 academic year. The drug & virginity test will form part of the registration for the semester & it will be conducted on all Female students (both Freshers & Staylite). According to a Babcock School Management staff who confirmed the story to our source, during test last semester lots of students tested positive to drugs:such as codeine & marijuana.
Such students faced 1 year suspension. Drug test is now part of the school registration policy. It is not clear what the punishment for testing positive will be this recent time. Their is also rumours on net that Babcock University suggesting pregnancy test will be part of the tests to be conducted. i believe it is a false rumor. 

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