Bank of Uganda Issue statement On “non-existent” Shs 7000 Banknote

10955209_1096561030370806_3823514045300949989_nBank of Uganda Issue statement On “non-existent” Shs 7000 Banknote, It has come to the attention of the Bank of Uganda that some individuals are circulating an image of a non-existent UGX.7000 banknote ostensibly issued by Bank of Uganda on social media sites. This is illegal.

The Bank of Uganda has not issued any such banknote and there are no proposals to issue any such a Banknote in the nearby future. The public is informed that reproduction of any images of the Uganda Currency can only be done with the express permission of the Bank of Uganda. More specifically, the production of ‘novelty’ currency purportedly issued by the Bank of Uganda and bearing denominations and features alien to legal tender is expressly forbidden and punishable under the Law.

The producers/printers and those circulating the non-existent UGX.7000 banknote are warned to immediately stop that activity . The public is urged to ignore the image as a hoax and are requested to report known perpetrators to this number 0414344681.

– Bank of Uganda


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