Barcelona To Host World’s First Sports Theme Park


140729101401-spain-barcelona-olympic-theme-park-5-horizontal-galleryBarcelona To Host World’s First Sports Theme Park ,Fitness isn’t usually a requirement for theme parks — standing in lines, climbing into rides and screaming in abject terror require only basic levels of stamina. Not so at the world’s first-ever sports amusement park planned for the Olympic Stadium and other Olympic venues in Barcelona, which promises to give visitors the chance to experience what it’s like to race against Usain Bolt. Open Camp will offer more than 50 “virtual experiences with links to every sport” when it opens in 2015, according to officials in the Spanish city. Details of how they’ll be able to strut their stuff against the world’s fastest and strongest are so far thin on the ground, but a promotional video offers some clues. One image shows people strapped to horizontal machines that supposedly mimic swimming as a screen in front of them shows an Olympic-sized pool. Another shows a visitor in ski gear hoisted aloft in a wind tunnel apparently designed to recreate the experience of ski jumping.It’s not just about taking part though — it’s also about winning.

The park will also stage daily awards ceremonies to dole out bronze, silver and gold.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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