BBA 8 Housemate Interview: LK4 talks life After BBA ‘The Chase’



The ninth season of the biggest reality show on the continent is around the corner, Big Brother Hotshots, Asuquo Eton had a quick chat with former Big Brother The Chase Housemate Isaac Lugudde-Katwe, aka LK4.

The 1.9m-tall ladies man from Kampala, Uganda, who describes himself as “compassionate, sexy, conscious, comical and athletic”, tells us more about life after Big Brother.

When you hear Big Brother what comes to mind?

When I hear the words “Big Brother”, I think of being monitored by a “force” that controls my environment. LOL

What was the best time you had and loved during your stay on Big Brother?

The best time I had in the house was simply when all Housemates were together.

What advice do you have for this year’s contestants?

The advice I will give to this year’s Housemates is, lower your expectations, don’t believe the hype and never lower your morals to gain that which is not certain. Stay grounded and humble.

Do you think Big Brother participants have better opportunities after their stay in the house?

It depends on what you do. You find that some former Housemates have a better life by just returning and doing what they normally do just based on the fact that they are content. Opportunities are based on your mentality and your morals. Some gain opportunities but throw away their morals. So, it is based on choices.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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