BBA Hotshot: Nigeria & Uganda might lose both of their Housemates/contestants



10404140_555228404622862_8528770527422625759_nBBA Hotshot: Nigeria and Uganda in the hot seat, Nigeria & Uganda might lose both of their Housemates/contestantsFrom the nominations and final Head Of Household add decision, the final names of housemates up for week two’s eviction were released. Esther, Frankie, JJ, Laveda, Lilian, Sabina and Tayo being the initial nominees, HOH Samantha added Ellah to the list making a total of eight housemates on the block from whom at least one will head home come Sunday.

With just 13 participating countries, in a few days moved, Uganda and Nigeria have been the first to taste the hottest seat of the hotshots with both their housemates on the edge! Yeah, hottest, you might think of Zambia and Mozambique who have already lost a housemate but Nigeria and Uganda are likely to lose both!

With 8 Housemates on the block and 13 countries voting plus the Rest of Africa vote, there is going to be a big battle for the votes. The 8 countries will have to save their housemates first and for those having two on the block, it will be bloody. I wouldn’t want to speculate that it will be among the four housemates to leave on Sunday but sharing their country votes induces one to think about it.

Let’s talk about the battle for the country votes between Ellah with Esther and Lilian with Tayo. Last week it was the same thing because except Tanzania which had only Idris on the block, the other countries had both reps in danger and this implied a small winning margin even people without a country vote managed to stay.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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