BBA Hotshot Romance: Idris & Goitse Finally Go On Date.


10509590_10152454018293811_5791516836977602946_nBBA Hotshot Romance: Idris & Goitse Finally Go On Date. Do you think Goitse will return Idris’ feelings? It finally happened! Idris and Goitse had their romantic date. In poetic contrast to the intense fight that had taken place just minutes before, the housemates rallied together to make sure Idris’ wish came true.   An intimate dinner for two was prepared outside with red roses in place as a centrepiece. Idris was a complete gentleman, doing his best to charm Goitse, but at every moment giving due credit to all the housemates who had helped him with the date. He said the only things he could do was think of the idea and eat the food, while the rest of the housemates were eager to help out in whatever way they could. Nhlanhla and JJ had helped cook, ensuring they had the perfect meal for a perfect date. Throughout the dinner, Ellah, Sabina, M’am Bea and Luis played their part as they served the food. 1412962574bba2

Idris probed Goitse with questions trying to get to know her better, and asking if she believed in long-distance relationships. Was he hinting at taking the potential romance beyond the house? Goitse, however, did not seem eager, toasting to friendship – was this a hint about where she thought the relationship was going?Idris_and_Goitse_day33_bba9

An endearing moment followed when Alusa strummed on the guitar as accompaniment for Idris, as he read the love letter he had been composing throughout the evening. After pouring out his heart, he thanked her for the date. She thanked him in turn, but will she reciprocate any further than that? He said he did not expect her to feel the same way, but just wanted to let her know how he felt. PROCEED TO SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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