BBA Hotshots : Housemates Partied Hard With DJ Xclusive


Screen-Shot-2014-10-06-at-5.23.12-PMBBA Hotshots : Housemates Partied Hard With DJ Xclusive, Last night’s Channel O party headlined by DJ Xclusive left the housemates on a high note as most of them unbuckled their belts and turned the night into an entertaining one. The partying and dancing obviously brought the latent sides of the housemates out as intending couples formed pairs and moved into comfortable corners of the house probably to enjoy each others company. Mira and Luis were noticeably seen kissing and necking just as Sheillah and Nhlanhla participated in the same scandalous feat.

More so, Lilian’s twerked with reckless abandon and somehow got the attention of Alusa who time after time looked her way while nodding his head innocently. Lilian however kept him at bay when he tried to go further ensuring that he gets no ideas.

More so, in in what seemed like a contradictory view to his diary session with Biggie on Day 3, Luis seems to have fallen or rather taken a liking for Mira. Previously, Luis had told Biggie that he had been increasingly taking a liking to Lillian but he feels she’s not interested in him, at least for now and he would instead be focusing on giving his best in the competition and moving on.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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