#BBA2014 #BBAHotshot Ghana’s Ma’m Bea Has Grown To Be The Most Liked Housemate


MamBea-1#BBA2014 #BBAHotshot Ghana’s Ma’m Bea Has Grown To Be The Most Liked Housemate,  especially because she’s easy to relate to and always willing to offer her ‘sisterly’ hand whenever need arises. it also seems like her fellow Hotshots are willing to confide in her basing on her calm persona that has rubbed off on them.

In the recent past, she’s always been there for Tayo especially when the latter was throwing tantrums and getting on peoples nerves something that he noticed and apologized for. Tayo was also the recipient to her tender massages. Ma’m Bea was also there for JJ when he was up for possible eviction especially when it seemed like it had gotten to his head. When Ellah went up this week, Ma’m Bea yet again was there to keep her calm and advised her not to allow the whole situation get to her, this actually followed Kacey‘s eviction which also hurt the Ugandan beauty to the core.

Well today, Ma’m Bea administered her care and tended to Idris‘ hair. She stood over this week’s HoH and smeared a mound of shaving cream onto his tresses. She then took much care in washing the cream off under at tap and kneading the conditioner in with the utmost of tender love and care.

Will all this care, affection and counselling, one wonders whether Ma’m Bea is a genuine soul or it could be a strategy of sorts but which ever way it, it’s at least helping some of the Housemates whenever they’ve emotional challenges.

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