#BBA2014 #BBAHotshots Nomination List: Trezagah, Ellah, Frankie, Nhlanhla & Permithias Nominated For Eviction This Week




#BBA2014 #BBAHotshots Nomination List:  Trezagah, Ellah, Frankie, Nhlanhla & Permithias Nominated For Eviction This Week. Following yesterday’s nomination diaries which came on the heels of the fourth Live Eviction show of the season, housemates from the losing Extravaganza competition (Team A) were the target this week. After all the diaries, it was clear that Mozambique’s Trezagah was wanted out because he bagged the most nominations (8), Uganda’s Ellah came second with a whopping 6 nods! Housemates reasoned that Trezagah was a strong contender of the game and his quietness was also something to put to check. As for Ellah, most of them reasoned that she was trying to break up Kacey‘s marriage.

Rwanda’s Frankie was not given a break after being put up last week by HoH JJ, he got 5 nominations, South Africa’s Nhlanhla got 4 while Permithias gunned 3, By the look of things, it’s more likely that these five will go up together with whoever the HoH will add later on in the evening.

Seems like Trezagah’s uncertainties have been put to rest by far after he revealed that he wasn’t sure of how Africa perceived him because he was not getting nominated.  See More On Page 2

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