BBA2014: Big Brother Hotshot First Day & Event


Live Blog Day 1 re_002_med What a day day one was, full of music and laughter. The housemates had their first tasks as well as their first diary sessions. Alliances and friendships are being forged as the housemates feel each other out and many are vying for attention which is making for a vibrant and rathe noisy house. What will tomorrow bring?

18:43  “This is Big Brother. Samantha, report to the diary room”. Samantha felt she could have done betterwith her performance. She finds the house “stunning” and is getting to know everyone as best she can. She feels that she is gravitating more towards Idris, whom she finds fuinny. Thayo and Lillian, JJ, Alusa,, mostly the guys. She asked Biggie for her toothbrush.

18:35  Kaycee Moore is now summoned into the diary room. Kaycee enjoyed the opening show however felt he could have done better amd if he had done it again he would have done a poem instead. He finds nothing sexier than a woman who plays the saxophone, he wasn’t surprised that Laveda won the HoH. He feels that she is abusing her powere a bit as HoH. He feels that the alpha male is Permithias and he thinks he is cool with Luis despite him having a 6-pack. He is representing Ghana and that alone is a great acchievement, however, he is “getting the money”. He has a plan and a strategy.

18:15  Trezagah is now on his way to the diary room. He is feeling “cool”. He felt that his breathing compromised his performance and that he could have done better. He felt that his rapping in Portuguese counted against him. He likes the house and is happy with the housemates. He feels that he has difficulty with communication as he struggles to express himself however he feels that the housemates are accommodating him, however he feels like it is a disadvantage. He thinks the house is wonderful and especially likes the jaccuzi.

18:10  M’aam Bea is now summoned to the diary room. She is proud and happy of the result. She felt she left the impression in Africa of a woman with style. She is loving the house and getting on with everyone in the  house so far. She wants to open up her fashion business and to get the exposure through Big Brother. Alusa, Lillian, Tayo, Kaycee Moore and Idris are the people she feels closest to. She was proud of Laveda for winning the audience vote.

18:02  Sabina is next. She was very excited with her performance, she feels like she was born on the stage. She was a bit bummed that she wasn’t number one, but that she is happy that she was in the top three. She thinks she is fun and not a diva. She wants to show her talent beyond Kenya, she wants to stand out and expand her career through the entire continent. She would love to do a Spiderman movie.

17:58  The sessions are coming fast and furiously and Mr 265 is up next. He was not surprised that Leveda was chosen as HoH and he feels like she has managed pretty well as there are a lot of housemates. His first impression of the house was “wow”, and it seems like home. Sabina, Butterphly, Kaycee Moore and Ellah are the people he feels closest to. He updates Biggie on Ellah’s health.

17:47  Lillian is asked to come to the diary room. Lillian feels great but is not a hundred percent happy with her performance. She would have changed her outfit. She feels closest to Luis at the moment.

17:38  Esther is called into the dairy room. She loves everyone in the house and feels like everyone is a family. She was disappointed in herself with her performance. She is in the house to get to know people from different corners of the continent. she hopes to learn how to sing and she hopes to get a singing career out of the show. Esther dances for Biggie, Esther tells Biggie that her bed is broken. She lets Biggie know that Ellah is sick.

17:30  Luis is next asked to come to the diary room.  Being in the house, he feels like he is out of his zone and his element. He did not understand the rating system and was very nervous, and was a bit disappointed with his performance. He loves the house, he loves the space and is glad to have his own space. He is 50/50 about his performance and how the continent reacted. He feels there is a lot of ego and competition flying around, he is going with the flow and sitting back and observing. He likes a particular housemate and is drawn to her,

17:20  Biggie next requests Mira to come to the diary room. She is excited and greatful to be in the house. Muira feels that Laveda is doing a good job at being HoH. She feels like it is fair to be up for eviction this week. She is feeling sceptical because of her performance, however is feeling good about her chances. She is playing the game for herself, she is not “faking it” and feels that Africa thinks that she is shy, however, she feels that she is not. She wants to have a career as a model.

17:12  Permithias is told to report to the diary room. He felt he had stage fright at the performance but is finding it amazing in the house and hasn’t had much sleep. He is getting on with JJ and Kacey Moore: “The Summer Jam” band. He wants to learn a lot more to grow as a person and a performer. He thinks the house is amazing, but with more “freedom”.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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