BBAHotshot: Miss P & Nhlanhla gets Involved in Romantic Affair


bbaBBAHotshot: Miss P & Nhlanhla gets Involved in Romantic Affair, They’re hardly a day in the Big Brother Hotshots space but the drama already in the house coupled with the anticipations, one is safe to say that the “Originals” were indeed super ready for this game to say the least. During her Diary session this afternoon, Botswana petite beauty Miss P shared with Biggie that she was planning on “moving in on Nhlanhla” but would tread carefully so as not to get to Sheillah’s nerves. After having that intimate session with him in the bath tub last night, Miss P feels so many signals were sent across and was looking forward to continuing with her mission.

She also vented to Biggie a plan she’d with Sheillah to appoint her as her deputy HoH because she was having difficulties with administration, Biggie endorsed the plan and Miss P said she’d see to it that it worked sooner than later. Meanwhile, not to be left behind, ‘Mama Africa’ Natasha told Biggie that she was to “corner” Nigerian Hotshot Tayo romantically but it would be for fun as she respects the relationship he has back home. The dynamics have indeed changed, Biggie couldn’t have thought any better in bringing these very interesting ex housemates, they’ve surely taken over the house.

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