Big Brother Hotshot: Tanzania’s Idris & Uganda’s Ellah Romance

Idris_and_Ellah_kiss_day42_bba9_fanclub#BBAHotshot: Tanzania’s Idris & Uganda’s Ellah Romance, The Hotshots’ nerves were frazzled last night after Biggie pulled his prank. Of course, they have no idea it’s a joke and despite all their speculation and talking about nothing else since the eviction show finished, none of them thought, even for a second, it was a prank. Ellah and Idris continued seeking comfort in one another’s arms. The Ugandan beauty queen pulled all the right moves and before long she and Idris locked lips in a tender kiss.  What did you think of the kiss between the pair? Were they just feeling vulnerable after hearing what Biggie had to tell them or is it pent-up passion that they finally decided to express? Nhlanhla was concerned about his game, likening the twist to a chess move, and now he had to rethink all his moves. Tayo was still rattled as well and Sheillah consoled him telling him that they had been called Hotshots and it was a not a title they had bestowed on themselves. It sounded a little like she was trying to convince herself of their place in the game, instead of the other way around.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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