goitsediaryin_zps41511914-1BBAHOTSHOTS: BOTSWANA’S GOITSE ENDORSES TANZANIA’S IDRIS & ELLAH RELATIONSHIP, From ‘Goidris’ (Goitse and Idris) to ‘Ellidris’ (Ellah and Idris)! Goitse just cleared the air on her embatled relationship with Tanzanian rep Idris saying that she had no problem with him going out with Ellah as she thinks they actually look beautiful together. During her Diary yesterday, Biggie stand in Figgie dug deep asking her how she felt about Idris and his current relationship with Ellah. The petite Botswana beauty said: “I have no problem with them. They actually look beautiful together.” She added that if at all Idris was with Ellah just to make her feel bad then she felt sorry for him because she wasn’t moved an inch as she’s already moved on with the whole fiasco.

10689431_10152530699108811_8835705669157930199_nShe also talked about how she wanted to take time with him but he kept on moving from one girl to another thus she felt he wasn’t the right person for her stressing that she likes to over protect her heart so that she doesn’t get hurt. Meanwhile, Idris and Ellah are getting closer each day, not only do they share a bed at times but also kiss at every opportunity that presents itself. Could this have a lot to do with his mother’s advice when she visited yesterday?

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