BBAHotshots: Botswana’s Goitse Sister Visit Big Brother House


10426749_10152539453723811_1766551695676792458_nBBAHotshots: Botswana’s Goitse Sister Visit Big Brother House , Biggie brought in Goitse’s sister and confirmed Tayo a prophet. Tayo had said that Goitse would definitely receive a message from home and indeed she did! She was called to the diary room and hardly having taken five steps towards the diary room, the housemates were instructed to freeze. Her sister walked in and we noticed how Goitse’s face lit up. Her sister relayed messages from home and before long, tears were streaming down her cheeks. It was really sweet. It was obvious that the two sisters shared a strong bond as Goitse had to work hard to hold herself from laughing when her sister spoke to her. She told Goitse that she would see her on the seventh of December when she arrived home with the money and was looking forward to it. When Goitse’s sister left, Tayo confidently said, “I told you Smally, I told you”, and with that, he gave her a hug. The rest of the housemates who were nearby gave Goitse hugs and the lady sat down and looked very pleased to have had her sister visit her. She said that her day was made and could not wait to party tonight!


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