BBAHotshots: Ghana’s Mam’ bea & Nigeria’s Tayo Final week’s Friendship & Romance


chat_medBBAHotshots: Ghana’s Mam’ bea & Nigeria’s Tayo Final week’s Friendship & Romance, The task presentation put the housemates in a very good mood and they could not even drop their characters immediately, having had so much fun with them. After the task, Big Brother opened the storeroom and they eagerly ran inside to lay their hands on the spoils. They chatted together in the kitchen before splitting off to different parts of the house. M’am Bea and Tayo sat in the garden, helping themselves to Jameson. Still bored, they took to reading the labels on the bottles. They gave it up, however, when it came to the French text. Sipe andMacky2 also went to the garden to bond on the couch.

In an effort to entertain themselves Tayo and M’am Bea started drumming on the table with crushed cans and singing lustily together. Sipe soon went to sit with them enjoying a glass of wine, trying to join in on occasion but looking very tired. It seemed the long day was taking its toll on her, but before long she found hidden reserves of energy, dancing and playing along.10423769_10152552119773811_6357311396284815413_n


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