#BBAHOTSHOTS: Lilian claims she did Modern Dance Not Twerking In Dairy Session


lilolo_med#BBAHOTSHOTS: Lilian claims she did Modern Dance Not Twerking. Modern dance, not ‘ twerking’ In today’s diary session, the housemates admitted that they had misinterpreted ‘modern dance’ to include common and modern dance moves such as Lilian’s favourite – ‘twerking’. When Caitlin and Daniel came in to help smooth out the performances of the housemates, they had to explain to that ‘modern dance’ denoted a smooth type of dance with fluid movements.

Even after this alteration to their routines, both of the teams told Biggie that they felt very confident that they would win their second wager. Confidence levels are evidently high in the house as housemates wagered another 100% this week. Some housemates felt they were taking a big risk but Nhlanhla confidently asserted that they would not ask for more than they could give and was certain that they would be able to put together a 100%-rated dance routine for Biggie.

Butterphly said that a few people were negative about the new task at the beginning but have now warmed up to it. Sipe told Biggie that the modern dance task was so much fun although the teams had thought differently on what was expected of them. Macky2 said that he felt a little unsure about the 100% wager when they discovered that ‘modern dance’ was not what they had had in mind but still feels they will make it work.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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